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Home Theater In Home

Our customer was remodeling the Family Room in their house and we were tasked in finding the perfect solution that meet their needs. They wanted a system where the cabinet was the centerpiece of the room and the sound system was as discrete as possible. Coordinating with the home owner's needs, the interior designer's vision and the cabinet maker's restrictions made this project interesting to be a part of. Communication between the various professionals was key to the success of this build.

65" Sony XBR65X900F with custom Triad InRoom Mini LCR Speakers

Their request from us was to be able to have a great sounding audio system for music while the doors to the TV were closed and just as good for watching movies and TV while the doors were open. For the left and right speakers we installed Triad's InRoom Mini LCR in the painted black finish. The fantastic thing about what Triad Speakers can do and the reason we choose them is because they can custom build the center speaker to the exact width of the TV creating a completely custom look. The center speaker is an On Wall Mini LCR 1.0 custom fit to the 65" Sony XBR65X900F at 57" wide.

Dual Inroom Bronze Slimsubs made by Triad

For the subwoofers we decided to go with dual In Room Bronze Slimsub installed on each side of the upper cabinets. Since the subwoofer is slim in design you can hide it face down under couch or on top of the cabinet with just 5.1 inches of height clearance. This was perfect as our clients wanted discrete as possible. There was a recessed pocket built into the the top of the cabinets which made it a perfect spot to hide the subs. They are completely invisible from the field of view which is ideal.

Single-Arm In-Wall Articulating Mount made by Strong Mounts

Our next hurdle we had to cross was our customer requested the TV to articulate out from the cabinet while keeping it slim profile. Typically articulating arm mount extend the TV 2"-5" into the room while collapsed. This was not an option for our client. Our solution was installing a VersaMount Single-Arm In-Wall Articulating Mount made by Strong Mounts which can fit a 37" to 70"display. Another great feature about this mount is the storage where it can fit a small cable box or Apple TV and you'd still have access to them if they require resetting.

We ended up installing all of the required Audio Video equipment inside a 10U In-Cabinet Rack along with the Sliding Base all made by Strong. This rack is the perfect solution for a cabinet design as it allows for the rack to pull out and rotate 90° for us to keep all of the wiring neat and allowing us to easily service the equipment. With this rack there was enough space for the Marantz SR5013 surround sound receiver, Triad Rack Amp for subs, Bluray Player, 8 port network switch, DirecTV satellite box, Sonos Connect, Apple TV & power conditioner.

In-Cabinet Slide out equipment Rack

At the end of the day our client was thrilled on how good the audio system sounded. They loved the recessed mount for the TV which it allows them to position the TV for perfect viewing. Additionally they were wow'd on the ability to service the system if necessary by installing a slide out cabinet rack. Another happy customer with an installation by Davidson AV Tech. Call us to learn more on how we can help you with you next project! (708) 878-9049

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