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Outdoor Entertainment Technology Guide

Weatherproof TV's

Create your very own backyard getaway... Add an Outdoor TV by SunBrite to your Outdoor Living space and your home will be the talk of the neighborhood. Completely weatherproof and temperature-tested from -40° to 122°, SunBrite TV's can easily handle rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air. Your picture shouldn’t suffer just because you decide on an outdoor TV. SunBrite TV's are up to three times brighter than a typical indoor television available in stunning 4K resolutions. With 3 different series and 4 sizes to choose from, there is a TV for any application, on any budget.

Outdoor Speakers & Burial Subwoofers

Great Outdoor Home Audio for your entertainment space is now more affordable than ever! Landscape Series Speakers expertly blend seamlessly into outdoor environments, minimizing visual impact and maximizing performance. Wide dispersion ensures a more uniform coverage area with fewer “hot spots,” and for added versatility. Comes with flexible mounting options and 3 different size options making it easy to be installed in a variety of places. Get increased performance and precision sound by adding a Landscape Burial Subwoofer to your speaker system. Pair all of this with a simple, easy to use mobile app to control your home audio system from your backyard. Davidson AV Tech also has a demo kit that is available so you can listen to it yourself before you buy. We will bring the kit to you and set it up in your space. Call us to schedule your free onsite demo today. (708) 878-9049

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